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What Full Stack Developer Do ?

FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT is the process of designing, creating, testing, and deploying a complete web application from start to finish. It involves working with various technologies and tools, including front-end web development, back-end web development, and database development. And full stack development is a term used to describe a software engineer or developer who works with both the front-end and back-end technologies that power a website or application.

Full-stack developers are often responsible for the entire web application development process from start to finish, which means they must have a strong Understanding of all the technologies and tools involved in web development. They also need to work effectively with others on a team, as web development is typically a collaborative process.

Most full-stack developers have a firm foundation in Web development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, AND JAVASCRIPT. They also have experience with server-side technologies such as PHP, RUBY AND NODEJS.

Full-stack developer in high demand because they can build a website or application from start to finish and quickly identify and fix any problems that may arise. If you’re looking to hire a full-stack developer, ask about their experience with front-end and back-end Technologies.

Full Stack Development have two phases Front-End & Back-End

Client Side (Frontend) : Client software, also known as a front end, is a type of software that interacts with users. It is responsible for the graphical user interface (GUI) that users see and interacts with. It allows users to access and use the features and functions of the underlying software or System. Client software typically runs on a user’s local machine instead of being hosted on a remote server.In many cases, the client software makes the user’s experience with a particular system or application possible.

Forntend Technologies : Several languages can be used for front-end development, including HTML, CSS, AND JAVASCRIPT. Each language has its strengths and weakness, so it’s essential to choose the correct language for task.

Server Side (Backend) : Server software, also known as the back-end software, is responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of the server. It is responsible for ensuring that the server is up and running and that all different server components are functioning correctly. Server software also provides an interface for users to interact with the server and for administrators to manage the server. Some popular server software programs include Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, and Nginx. These programs handle server-side tasks like hosting web pages, taking user requests, and sending responses.

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